KDE 4.0.0!

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue Jan 15 13:42:10 GMT 2008

Terence Simpson wrote:

> David McGlone wrote:
>> On Saturday 12 January 2008 6:14:33 pm Terence Simpson wrote:
>>> Dotan Cohen wrote:
>>>> On 12/01/2008, Terence Simpson <stdin at stdin.me.uk> wrote:
>>>>> Well, Dolphin is the file manager and Konqueror is the Web Browser.
>>>>> Did you expect the Web Browser to have all the features of a file
>>>>> manager?
>>>> Well, yes, as it originally _was_ a file manager before it was a web
>>>> browser. And so far as I've been led to understand (please RTFM me
>>>> with information otherwise) Konqueror retains all it's features for
>>>> KDE4.
>>> No, Konqueror uses the Dolphin KPart to use some file managing features.
>>> (A KPart is like a plugin, not exactly the same but a decent analogy for
>>> this)
>> first off, let me laugh. LOL I'm sorry man are you new to linux or kde?
>> Konqueror has been a file manager since I don't know how long, let me say
>> RH 6.1 or somewhere around there. can anyone verify? Anyway I've been
>> using konqueror as a file manager for quite a few years I'd say a good 6
>> or 8 years and been using linux for around 10 or 12 years. Also from what
>> I can see, I believe you got it backwards, wouldn't it make more sense if
>> dolphin was using the konqueror kpart since konqueror has been around as
>> a file manager for a long long time. Matter of fact all dolphin is, is a
>> stripped down and re-arranged konqueror with a different name. :-)
> To answer your questions:
> 1) No
> 2) No
> 3) Didn't say it wasn't
> 4) There is no Konqueror KPart for file managing, only the Dolplin KPart.
> I hope that answered all of those queries.

Sometimes, I despair of Linux ever surviving.  I expect developers to make
changes that suit developers - that's the nature of community-maintained
software - but if you're just going to show complete disrespect for the
users of the software, everybody would be much better off if you'd just
ignore us.  Yes, David is being a little rude, but you seem to be
intentionally telling us all to just "live with it", and it's no surprise
if it rubs us the wrong way.

#3 was not strictly said, but you certainly implied it.  #4 is completely
irrelevant - Konqueror has a file manager kpart, and what it's called
doesn't matter a bit to the users.  It _would_ have made much more sense to
users if both Dolphin and Konqueror had continued to use the same kpart. 
To cripple konqueror by giving it only _some_ of Dolphin's features, and
not even giving Dolphin all the features Konqueror used to have is going to
hurt some users and annoy far more.

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