KDE 4.0.0!

Girard Henri girardhenri at free.fr
Sun Jan 13 08:23:20 GMT 2008

I don't know what is your configuration but kde4 works fine here...
Some little problem like wallpaper doesn't display but a white screen.
Even no need of compiz because kde4 has these effects.
and it's two double speedy than kde3.5 on my coreduo 64 bits (kubuntu hardy)
I wouldn't say it's good for production but i use it for a month and 
it's usuable in daily life

Eduardo P. Román O. a écrit :
> At last, my experience with 4.0 was and mistake, I go Back wth my Kde 3.5.8 
> with compiz, it's the best, KDE 4.0 is slow and inestable, crash with 
> frecuency.
> El Saturday 12 January 2008 20:18:39 Terence Simpson escribió:
>> Clay Weber wrote:
>>> I am not sure what the "4:" means exactly (what does epoch mean in
>>> package versioning?), but the KDE version is actually 3.5.2-Oubuntu27.3
>>> for you, which is correct for dapper.
>> An eopch is there to make a lower version number seem to be greater than
>> the one already available, they are added when a version is included but
>> then needs to be replaced with an older one.
>> If you're wondering why every version after has the epoch, it's because
>> once you add an epoch it can't be removed because the epoch version will
>> always be higher.
>> Terence

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