Organizing Shares

Colin Pinkney kubuntu-users at
Fri Jan 11 20:22:43 GMT 2008

On Friday 11 Jan 2008, David McGlone wrote:
> My question is; is it possible to put those shares in a place that is more
> accessible? like on the desktop or kicker instead of having to go to remote
> places->samba shares?

You could always browse to Remote Places, find the Samba share and right click 
on it and select 'Bookmark this folder' so it always appears in the left 
Bookmarks column.

Alternatively, on the desktop or in any local folder you can right click, 
select Create New->Link to URL and enter a URL in this format:


You'll then get an icon that you can click on and go directly to that share.

> The reason this came up is because I decided to upgrade my laptop to 7.10
> and I went with a fresh install and I'm so surprised at how far kubuntu has
> come for me in terms of hardware. What I mean is that _finally_  my
> wireless broadcom card was almost a _snap_ to set up. I was happy that the
> driver was in the "restricted" drivers and I didn't have to install
> ndiswrapper and all that crap.
> BUT.... Don't get your hopes up. ;-) My complaint is that the driver was on
> the repositories, Ah Darn, how am I gonna access the internet with no
> working connection, unless of course I hard wire my laptop to my router,
> which wasn't that bad of a thing, but still I think I made my point.. LOL
> Maybe, just maybe in the future kubuntu could put it on the disk. I don't
> know much about copyright issues et cetera, but come on it's a no brainer.
> It's like taking a 4 foot kid in a candy store and give him money to buy
> candy from a 10 foot shelve. :-)

I believe the Broadcom driver uses firmware that must be downloaded and cannot 
be distributed on disk due to licencing issues.

Colin Pinkney

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