Flash installer Broken (K)ubuntu 7.10

Colin Pinkney kubuntu-users at cpinkney.org.uk
Fri Jan 11 20:04:54 GMT 2008

On Friday 11 Jan 2008, Richard wrote:
> There something wrong with .115 version plugin.
> this would be my 18th time installing flash... funning running 7.04
> I install flash first shot.

Adobe implemented some XRender stuff in this version of the Flash plugin in 
order to do proper full screen flash (not just a maximised browser window) 
but Konqueror does not support this in the Netscape Plugin framework - yet. 

The KDE developers are working on it, however and I suspect the patch will 
make its way into the Ubuntu updates repository because version 9.0.115 of 
the flash plugin has quite a few security updates.

This is the problem with closed-source software. Linux distributions have no 
control over it and to top it off Adobe does not version the main download 
file and instead only offers the latest. So when you install the 
flashplugin-nonfree package it has to download from Adobe due to licencing 
and even if the package you install is versioned 9.0.48, it will simply 
download the latest available.

The only way to install flash at the moment, which works with Konqueror, is to 
download the Flash 9 archive from Adobe, which contains all previous versions 
of the plugin, including 9.0.48, and install it manually. The download link 
is here and is 61MB:


Colin Pinkney

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