Flash problem, found out (konqueror) users... NOT GOOD

Richard cms0009 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 14:07:17 GMT 2008

Well, after some having emails and searching found this:
( it would appear, someone needs to stop working on eye candy and fix konqueror or we are going to loses it as a excellent web browser.
pulled from launchpad
Read Below <snip>

Apparent Problems with These Fixes
 These problems are relevant to all of the supplied fixes. That is because all of these fixes are almost identical to each other, all employing Flash 9 Update 3. The fixes are only different packages or sometime just different locations from the same package.
 The new version of Flash is incompatible with Konqueror because it requires XEmbed (Launchpad Bug# 174343). is the last version of flash to support Konqueror in its current state.
 The new version of Flash is only compatible with 9.50 Beta 2 of Opera (and later).
 Some sites, including disney.com and nick.com do not load properly. It would be great if someone tests these sites with an older flash plugin and with Windows Flash Update 3.
 On Launchpad Bug Comments, by selivanow
 Adobe updated the flash plugin. Due to their license, we must download and install their file. This breaks the Gutsy package. We have TWO choices:
 1) Don't update the package and have a broken package that no-one can use (aside from the more technically minded)
 2) Update the package and have a package that everyone can use, except for konqueror users.
 It seems that because we have no control over Adobe, the ball is in konqueror's court and they need to patch. (If their users plan on using flash)
 A third solution, if possible, would be to see if Adobe keeps older versions of flash available for download and update the package to pull that. 
Indeed, Adobe does keep older version of Flash available for download. However, it is not feasible for end users. The only way is through this archive of flash 9 releases (over 65 MB in size), including installers for all supported platforms).

Well there you go... I can almost hear my friend whom is a Vista users,<for life> saying... Hey! are you having problems viewing flash media on your (K)ubuntu Box... I Though Linux was better... <the pain, oh the pain <Dr.Smith>>

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