Floppy Is Solved (steam from ears)

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 12:08:39 GMT 2008

> I don't know how much of your time would have been saved by the simple
> words "pull down menu on desktop - New - Link to device - Floppy Device;
That's news to me too. I did mention a few days ago that I was out of touch 
with how floppy's work, so my last post was just a leg puller.

Well done on getting it to work.

> last 12 days - may be of some value in future.  Perhaps I'm expecting
> too much from a HELP and USER discussion group we all need a laugh. 
We can only do our best, I think we all stand around in a dark room called 
Kubuntu holding our candles and torches trying to connect the cones of light, 
but there's a lot of gaps in-between.

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