KDE Programs Naming Convention

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 06:38:45 GMT 2008

> Writing this crap is really hard, you know.  
Amen. And I don't even get past the Python level!

> Then people come in and piss and moan to the end of the earth over
> something as trivial as a name.  A name!  Who gives a rat's ass what the
> damn thing is called, as long as it works?!

It only dawned on me a few years *after* switching to Kubuntu that the 
entirety of this thing called Gnu/Linux is written by ordinary Joe's who get 
no special thanks or profit out of it. I would also moan about how casual it 
was, how much duplication of work there seemed to be, how many bugs, how much 
was missing, blah, blah, blah...

 There are exceptions, like Linus (who only profited after all his hard work 
and by way of thanks, which was nice), but largely it's just work done for 
the love of it, because we can, because we feel we can contribute.

 When seen that way, Gnu/Linux is a real testament to altruism. It's proof 
that people can work together in the face of many threats and 
despite 'public' opinion and accepted facts of what's possible.

> Damn.  I think you have to be
> certifiably insane to do this kind of thing for a hobby.
That or you just can't sleep when that damn routine's not working :D


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