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> Neil Winchurst wrote:
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> > I have been using just Linux for about six years now. I found that
> > everything I wanted to do was available except a database in the
> > Access, Paradox style. I have always considered this to be a big
> > problem for Linux users and over the years since then I have not seen
> > the situation get much better.
> > 
> This seems like an unsolvable problem.  Such a package would require a
> massive development effort, which means the resources of a large
> corporation behind it.  But large corporations really _hate_ the
> proliferation of Access databases, because it fosters data "islanding" -
> every part of the company has its databases jealously guarded, and no
> sharing is happening.  My entire livelihood consists of getting stuff out
> of Access and Excel and into enterprise databases.
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> derek
I understand that. However I used to write these databases in Paradox
for small companies only. They needed just the one database, perhaps
with a maximum of two or three computers linked together, and not a huge
file of records. They did not need, and indeed could not afford,
anything more than that. I am not suggesting for a moment that this
kind of DB would be any use for a big company with many departments.

What I am saying is that there is a need for such a program, **as well
as** not instead of the current mysql etc ones available now. Nowadays,
if I were approached by a similar small (very small) company needing
something similar to those I used to create I would have to say that
there is nothing suitable in Linux at the moment.

As I say, as well as, not instead of ......

Neil Winchurst

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