Kontact Enterprise or "normal"

lanzen lanzenesi at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 22:17:57 GMT 2008

Quoting myself:

> Actually I feel that keeping it separate is a more reasonable way of
> going about it

Well, heck, I don't believe me eyes!  Now, this is a clean Kubuntu install - I 
just wanted a clean, fresh gutsy - and I went to adept just to see what the 
kmailcvt package looked like, not that i wanted to get it, but just in case I 
needed it some time or another, so there it was... kmailcvt... what!!! 
installed! I never! It has always been there!

So, I guess, if you have kmail or kontact you should have it too. Please, try 
to run kmailcvt in a terminal and let me know.

Now, again, on afterthought, I'm pretty sure It was listed in a kmail's menu  
in a previous version.


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