transfering files from PClinuxos to Kubuntu computer

Eric ejazzkatt at
Sun Jan 6 18:06:41 GMT 2008

D. Michael McIntyre wrote:

>   # Wife's computer
>           swmbo

Thanks for the information. That sounds easy enough.

A couple questions.

What does swmbo mean or what does it do?

If the server is installed, do I need to start it or is it running 
already if it's installed.

Eric Jackson

> So now let's try Derek's trick and see what happens.  I have a picture from my 
> camera in ~/Pictures that I want to copy to her desktop.
> Step 3:  So I open ~/Pictures in Konqueror and find the file IMG_1234.JPG
>   [imagine picture]
> Step 4:  Open a new window, and type fish://wife@swmbo
> Lo, I get a password box thingie, enter her top secret magic password 
> ("myHusbandIsAMegaAwesomeLinuxH4x0r" but don't tell anybody her secret!!) and 
> now I'm in.
>   [imagine picture]
> So now I can just drag IMG_1234.JPG from me to her, et voilà, it shows up on 
> her box as /home/wife/where/I/put/the/file/IMG_1234.JPG.
> It's pretty much that simple if you don't want to set up ssh keys for 
> passwordless copying, and with this fish:// protocol thing, it might not be 
> worth the bother.  Especially with the [x] Remember password box.  (Or you 
> could use scp from the command line like a real man, but I assume most people 
> in the world today aren't raging dweebs like me, so I won't get into that.)

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