speech to text program

Paul S paulatgm at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 01:04:23 GMT 2008

Ulrich Grün said the following on 01/05/2008 11:51 AM:
> Hi all,
> does anybody have heard about a program that lets you convert spoken text into 
> ascii?  It would be nice if I could dictate the text to the computer, and 
> have it written down in text.

paul :~$ apt-cache search speech recognition
libgsm1 - Shared libraries for GSM speech compressor
libgsm1-dev - Development libraries for a GSM speech compressor
libgsm-tools - User binaries for a GSM speech compressor
libsphinx2-dev - speech recognition library - development kit
libsphinx2g0 - speech recognition library
libtorch3-dev - State of the art machine learning library - development 
libtorch3c2 - State of the art machine learning library - runtime library
sphinx2-bin - speech recognition utilities
sphinx2-hmm-6k - speech recognition library - default acoustic model

I don't know anything about them.  Also, there is/was IBM viavoice for 
linux .. you'll have to google around for info.


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