FireWall and Virus

Derek Broughton news at
Fri Jan 4 17:38:19 GMT 2008

Donn wrote:

> 5. There is a built-in 'firewall' call iptables. No-one with an IQ lower
> than Stephen Hawkins' can use it. Relax, you are in good company in total
> hopelessness when it comes to using it :)

LOL.  I've been using Linux since before iptables (and even before its
precursor - ipchains) but I agree completely.  I barely understood ipchains
and never really got a handle on iptables.

>  There are nice front-ends you can install to make it easier to use, but I
> always found them painful. Basically, after a while, one comes to trust
> Kubuntu and relax.
> One is called 'guarddog' - you can try that.

Precisely.  Guarddog was the best firewall tool I used, but I've been
running firewall-less for a couple of years now (noting that there are
_two_ NAT routers between me and the Internet).


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