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Clark cpmcc at optusnet.com.au
Fri Jan 4 07:11:18 GMT 2008

Thanks for the kind words Billie, I'm locked in now but like you say 
"computing without training wheels" makes for some greatly expanded 
highs and unfortunately lows but the promise seems unlimited.

Thanks again,


Billie Walsh wrote:
> Clark wrote:
>> I have a system that gives OOO without spellcheck; Thunderbird without
>> the option of right click send photo in condensed form, it will send a
>> photo but it is huge;  I selected storage media from the systemmenu to
>> save a file to Floppy and it can't find the Floppy, the relevant Help
>> files either speak in command line (which I don't understand or give the
>> message no help files;  I tried to Rip a DVD and KB3 just sits there
>> without moving, it won't even play the DVD.
>> It seems I have wasted more than a week on Kbuntu, time to move on.
>> Is there any chance that Ubuntu or some other distribution would work or
>> is this "what you see is what you get Linux".
>> Clark
> Clark, don't let it get you down. About three years ago I decided that I
> had enough of Windows. XP was taking away "my" computer. It was either
> do it "their" way or no way. I had a lot invested in PC architecture so
> a Mac was not a real option [ $$$ ]. That pretty much left Linux. It was
> VERY intimidating. Most things didn't work "Right Out Of The Box". It
> took me a while to get everything working as it should. I "broke" it
> quite a few times before I learned what to do and what not to do.
> OK, some suggestions:
> Remember, Google is your friend. Especially Google Linux.
> Read the WIKI pages.
> Read the mail list.
> Ask questions. My old teachers said that the only stupid question was
> one not asked.
> Play with the buttons and switches. Don't be afraid to break it. It's
> tougher than it looks. Only as "Administrator" can you do any major
> damage. AND, IF, by some chance, you should break it just reinstall and
> don't do that again. Every time you get something to work, or break it,
> is a learning experience. Use it to your advantage.
> Above all, DON'T GIVE UP! Linux is a great OS [ pick your favorite
> flavor ]. Think of Windows as your computer on training wheels. Windows
> keeps you from getting all skinned up by falling over. Linux takes off
> the training wheels. [ Remember when your folks took off the training
> wheels on your bike? ] It's REALLY wobbly at first but soon your flying
> all over the neighborhood like an old pro.
> Remember that old poster of a kitten hanging off the side of a branch?
> Remember the caption? "Hang in there baby
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