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Sylviane et Perry White spwhite at
Thu Jan 3 10:45:15 GMT 2008

On Wednesday 02 January 2008 15:15:19 Derek Broughton wrote:
> > (*)Then I noticed there is no /home/Perry/Maildir/cur, only
> > a /home/perry/Maildir/cur  (no capital on perry).
> > The capital P probably comes from my account in KMail, I'll
> > investigate...
> Yes.
> > Have to modify /etc/dovecot/passwd to have perry uncapitalised also.
> NO!!!  In fact, you shouldn't ever need to modify /etc/dovecot/passwd -
Dovecot was trying to make a dir in /home/Perry/Maildir/ (capital "P")
because my IMAP account in KMail had Perry as the user.
I could not login as perry (small "p") because my /etc/dovecot/passwd file 
contained:               perry:{PLAIN}Mypassword
I had to make it match.
> it's all pam based, and if the mail user has a linux account, that should
> be used.
Not sure I understand.
I have a Linux account, I guess ;-)             (whoami =>perry)
but the dovecot Mypassword is not my sudoers password.
> I hadn't even realized I _could_ modify passwords directly - I 
> just create a non-login user account for every extra mail account I want.
Are you suggesting I create a sylvianeMail account for my wife with a
sylvianeMail:{PLAIN}Herpassword and another IMAP account in KMail?
That would allow for independant mail systems and necessitate a
/home/sylviane/Maildir, interresting possibility but not wanted now.

Or are you suggesting I create a psmail user and the corresponding account(s) 
in dovecot and KMail? Then I don't understand the reason why, perhaps safety, 
I must upgrade my notions about that and stuff like "non-login user account".

P.S. Everything snaps together now, I discovered I could fetch new mail from 
the net the usual way in KMail, apply the filters (manually only) to incoming 
mail, have them delivered in the IMAP folders, and modifications from KMail 
of those folders was reflected (as you said) in  ~/Maildir.
I could also populate the folders in ~/Maildir with my old "KMail" files and 
see them appear in IMAP KMail. Just what I wanted ;-)
I must experiment further, from the other KUbuntu account and then from Suse. 
I hope I will be able to answer by myself to most questions wether practical 
or theoretical but there is one question I don't expect to be able to answer, 
why does KMail keep a mailbox in /home/perry/.kde/share/apps/kmail/imap/ ?

your help has been invaluable           Perry

BOFH excuse #35: working as designed

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