kaffeine and miro not upgrading

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Thu Feb 28 16:48:47 UTC 2008

Hello, this is my last answer to this thread, I hope it helps:

If this set of commands does not work for you:

sudo aptitude update && \
sudo aptitude safe-upgrade && \
sudo aptitude full-upgrade && \
# sudo aptitude clean

it would mean that yor kubuntu is feisty or older, then you can use:

sudo aptitude update && \
sudo aptitude upgrade && \
sudo aptitude dist-upgrade && \
# sudo aptitude clean

And you will have the power to decide what to do with miro.

NOTE that you can remove sudos and replace && with ;
(both decissions are not very good, though, just like apt-get compared to

If you want to clean the installed .deb packages from
/var/cache/apt/archives/, just uncoment the last line also.

PS Please have a look at this link so you can use the greet libapt even
better, it is written for debian but ubuntu work the pretty same way:

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