VBox and Gutsy

Neil Winchurst neil at holsdev.vispa.com
Tue Feb 26 09:38:16 UTC 2008

I am using Kubuntu Edgy at the moment. Recently I installed Virtual Box
and I have installed Kubuntu Gutsy on it. Mostly it seems OK so far. I
will sent my first thoughts later.

Meanwhile I have two problems.

Sound. There is no sound. Kmix is shown as installed but when I start
it there is only a blank screen. The expected slider controls are not
there. It all works fine on Edgy. Is this a problem with VB or with
Gutsy? Any suggestions gratefully received.

Printer. I deliberately did not have my printer switched on while I was
installing Gutsy, because I wanted to see if I could add it later. No.
When I go to System Settings -> Printers and try to add a printer the
local printer choice is grayed out. This works fine on Edgy.

Any help much appreciated.

Neil Winchurst

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