which wireless router?

Nigel Ridley nigel at rmk.co.il
Sun Feb 24 19:28:50 UTC 2008

Nils Kassube wrote:
> Nigel Ridley wrote:
>> So I finally have the readies for a new Dell laptop (the ones without
>> that 'other' os) and I'm in the market for a wireless (plus wired)
>> router. Trouble is, I checked for available models and there are just
>> too many to be able to make a good decision.
>> Anybody want to offer some advice?
> I don't know if I would call it advice, but the Linksys WRT54GL works for 
> me.
>> I want to be able to use our existing wired home network and have the
>> wirelss option for my new laptop.
> The Linksys has 4 wired ports + 1 port for internet - I hope that is 
> enough for you. And don't forget to use WPA or WPA2 encryption for the 
> wireless port, don't use the default SSID and passwort.
>> What's the difference between the ones with one antenna, two antennas
>> or even 3?
> The more antennas the better the look :)
> But seriously: If there are several antennas the router can use the 
> antenna with the best signal - i.e. if you have more antennas it may be 
> better for a low signal connection due to long distance or high 
> attenuation from walls etc. If both the router and the laptop are in the 
> same room, the number of antennas usually doesn't matter.
>> Is there a preference [for us linux users] to a certain 
>> brand - ie. Netgear, D-link, Edimax or 3Com - which ones work best with
>> Linux (that is being able to set them up and adjust security)?
> I don't think there are any modern routers which can't be configured by a 
> web interface. Maybe it doesn't work with Konqueror, if it uses some ugly 
> javascript, but it should at least work with firefox.
> And then there are those people who want to run Linux on the router. If 
> that is important to you, check the availability of openwrt or ddwrt for 
> the router you want to use. However, you might void your warranty if you 
> don't use the original firmware.
> Nils

Hi Nils,

I was looking at the Linksys WRT54GL but couldn't find out if I can configure my lan using 
'fixed ip addresses'. I even read the pdf user guide from the Lynksys website but it only 
mentions 'enabling dhcp'. Apart from that it looks a good choice.



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