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Ollie Killingback ollie at techieinblack.info
Sun Feb 24 09:27:38 UTC 2008

I had Kubutu 7.04 installed on my desktop which has been trouble free 
until yesterday.  When I booted it, the screen res was 640*480 and could 
not be changed using the controls in System Settings.  As I have Windows 
on the same PC I booted into that to see if it was a hardware issue.  
Windows performed normally, so something must have been broken by the 
update I did the day before yesterday.  Normally I do these whenever 
Adept prompts me, but I had got a bit behind due to pressure of work. 

So I decided this was the time to upgrade to 7.10 and ran a normal 
version upgrade through Adept, which seemed to go normally.  I guess I 
was stupid, tho' in that when I was prompted to replace or keep some 
files the only ones I kept were my desktop - perhaps not a good idea. 

After the upgrade the situation was as before - 640*480 on a large flat 
screen - almost unusable - and not way to change it via the GUI.

Can anyone please advise me what to try next before I do a complete 
reinstall from a new DVD?

Ollie K

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