Dolphin File Manager view and backup files

p.daniels teeahr1 at
Sun Feb 24 02:39:31 UTC 2008

Tim Johnson wrote:
> Hi: I'm using 7.10.
> I'm a programmer and use MC as my primary file manager.
> The nice thing about MC is that it gives you the option to hide
> backup files.
> I'm going to switch my wife over from Windows, but I know that
> she won't like MC. I'm looking at Dolphin, but one problem I see with
> Dolphin is that it is showing backup files - that is files that end in
> a ~ (tilde). 
> 1)Is there a way to hide those files from view with Dolphin?
> 2)If not, can anyone recommend an alternative?
> Thanks
> Tim
I don't know about Dolphin, but this option exists in Krusader.


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