back up to increase partition size

Sylviane et Perry White spwhite at
Thu Feb 21 17:07:34 UTC 2008

On Thursday 21 February 2008 17:05, Constantinos Maltezos wrote:
> On Thursday 21 February 2008 7:45:01 p.daniels wrote:
> > If you haven't added a lot of external programs, perhaps just backing up
> > /home and reinstalling would suffice. It might be small enough that you
> > don't have to tar it.
Hi Daniels and Constantinos,

I would be cautious about that. I'm not an expert but IIRC, the windows 
partition won't be able to handle the permissions, owners and groups for 
normal files and folders. I *belive* tar will work but I'm not sure. 
> Well, I have. lol

Greetings		Perry

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