Installing Kubuntu over LAN (again)

Yosvany Estévez Orozco yosvany01064 at
Thu Feb 21 04:47:04 UTC 2008

Hello dear friends, a few days ago I've posted a mail asking for some help
within LAN installation. An answer (from Andrew Jarrett) shows me how to do
something very close to what I need but from a system running Linux already.
I have a little network under my care running Windows XP (with a server
running a fully functional Windows Server 2003 Enterprise bla bla...) so I
can use the server to do whatever I need (i.e. using BOOTP+TFTP to boot
remotely or something like that) but I don't know how to do it. I want to
change all the workstations to use kubuntu (I already have a repo for 7.04)
but some WS do not have CD drive (or it is out of order). All my WS have
onboard LAN with PXE so I guess installing from LAN is my best choice. I've
tried knoppix and using Knoppix CD Terminal Services, I've installed a
couple of WS with no problems, I wonder if the same (or alike) thing is
available from a Kubuntu 7.04 distro. 
How can I use Terminal Services in Kubuntu for installing remotely my other
(Remember I have windows and we can (must) approach it, don't be scared
about it, this is just once and for a good purpose ;) )

P.D. Andrew Jarrett, I will use to read/write in English, there is no
another option, Thanks for your answer!!!

Joven Club de Computacion Jaimanitas

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