Hardy, KDE4 and fglrx

Nils n.bruenggel at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 16:01:20 UTC 2008

> with gutsy you might use "envy"

@Girard Henri

That's not the problem I'm talking about. The problem is that the
proprietary ati drivers (fglrx) are really unreliable (at least with
my gpu) and I'm looking for a solution or a workaround.

You can install them very easy, just get the fglrx-xxx.run from the
ATI website. Then do

./chmod +x  fglrx-xxx.run
./ fglrx-xxx.run --buildpkg=Ubuntu/Hardy

it will then generate debian packages you can just install them with
dpkg -i. Of course you need to edit your xorg.conf so that the fglrx
drivers are used.


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