Accented characters: sudden strange difficulty to produce them.

Andrew Jarrett jarrett.andrew at
Tue Feb 19 05:37:08 UTC 2008

On Feb 18, 2008 9:12 AM, Bas Roufs <basroufs at> wrote:
> A few minutes ago, I checked everything
> again. I went to system settings > Regional & Language > Key board lay
> outs. The key board lay-out that is being indicated as the default one
> of this laptop is still ´ US intl´ (US, variant ´ international´). A
> look at the tab ´ XKB settings´ still clarifies that the left WIN key
> ought to be the compose key, So far, so good. However, the key board
> settings works only properly in But in all other
> applications it does not work. This is absolutely strange, because in my
> desktop I have exactly the same keyboard settings - there it works
> properly throughout the system, within every single application, in the
> framework of exactly the same Linux distro: Kubuntu 7.10.
> To make you understand why I attach so much interest to this issue, I
> briefly explain what these settings mean. The so-called ´ intrnational´
> (intl.) key board variant creates so-called ´ dead keys´ at buttons like
> ¨, ´ ,`. Pressing them one time and immediately afterwards typing other
> characters, deliver characters like é, è, ñ. Pressing one time e.g. ¨
> and a second time at the same key or at the big tabulator key, delivers
> the character indicated by the key: e.g. ¨ . When I press the compose
> key, afterwords by exampe , or /, aftewords a character, I get by
> example the following characters: ł, ç. In this way, I can quickly type
> texts with accented characters in different languages, as I do daily. At
> the laptop, I can only do so now at the OpenOffice applications, like
> writer. But for this mail, I have to copy-paste such characters from
> O.O. Writer. In this way I simply cannot work productively.
> Before sending this mail and the one of this morning, I also tried to
> regulate the same key board settings as a ´ root´ user. However, also in
> that case, the key board settings I want only work in
> May be I have overlooked something because of some tunnel vision.
> However it may be, I hope to get a bit of useful feedback on this issue.
> Respectfully Yours,
> Bas.

Hermmm... Maybe you just installed or just started using an
application that uses the WIN key for shortcuts; therefore overriding
your keyboard setting?  It would seem like a compose would take
precedence over a shortcut key, but you never know.  Perhaps Amarok? I
know it uses the WIN key for shortcuts.

Just throwing a random idea out there...


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