Accented characters: sudden strange difficulty to produce them.

Donn donn.ingle at
Mon Feb 18 16:26:24 UTC 2008

Can you get accented characters in other KDE apps like Kate and Kedit? If so, 
perhaps you can write in those and copy/paste into Firefox.

 The thing here is that Firefox and thunderbird are not native KDE apps and, 
as such, they have only marginal contact with the KDE system. I think you 
need to focus on them and not KDE. As to what to do exactly... perhaps visit 
the mozilla lists or forums for better advice.

It could be that you simply need some plugin or setting for those two apps. 
Open Office is also unconnected to KDE, but they have done something right 
bcause it's working. This indicates, to me, that the underlying system (X) is 
doing the right thing and that only Firefox and Thunderbird are being 

I may be 100% wrong :) Good luck.

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