personalizing about:konqueror

Luís Silva lacsilva at
Fri Feb 15 09:34:54 UTC 2008

> >> Hmmm.... so it's stored outside the user's file
> >> hierarchy? That sucks. So I guess that my follow-on
> >> question is: do you know how I make "about:konqueror"
> >> load a different page than
> >> /usr/share/apps/konqueror/about/launch.html?
> >
> > what about removing or renaming the above launch.html file
> > and using the name "launch.html" to create a symbolic link
> > to the actual file you want to use.
> Most things in /usr/share/apps have corresponding overrides in
> ~/.kde/share/apps, so the first thing to try would be copying launch.html
> to ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/about/launch.html and modifying that - and
> sure enought, it works.
Why not simply set your homepage to whatever file you want?
You can do it by going to Settings/Configure Konqueror.../Behavior and then 
setting the Home URL to the file you want.

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