switching between X and the console

Constantinos Maltezos pandarsson at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 14 05:01:33 UTC 2008

Okay, I wrote previously asking for advice on getting a black screen when I 
try to switch to the console.  I also get a corrupted screen and I don't know 
if I mentioned it.  I learned a little more and thought I'd share it.

Well, it turns out the problem is the accelerated ATI driver.  On my Compaq 
Presario V5000 laptop, I have an ATI Radeon Xpress 200 graphics chip.  I 
found the following page with release notes:


According to this page, the updated driver they're talking about changes the 
following, among other things:

"Display corruption is no longer seen when switching between X-Windows and the 
Linux text console, and back to X-Windows"

Now, the ATI driver that adept downloads when you specify to download 
restricted stuff is version 8.37.6.  So I downloaded the installer from ATI's 
web site.  Unfortunately, the file it gave me had version 8.455.2 and, as you 
can tell from the URL mentioned above, the issue is fixed in the mysteriously 
elusive 8.8.25.

Now if I can figure out a way to write to ATI via email (their web site really 
isn't helping in this regard), I'll post here again with their answer.  In 
the meantime, I'm going to their support forum and posting there, though I 
don't really expect anything out of that.


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