EMI music CD DRM issue

Juergen Sauer juergen.sauer at automatix.de
Wed Feb 13 09:55:31 UTC 2008

Am Dienstag, 15. Januar 2008 schrieb Donn:
> Hi,
>  My friend bought me a Mozart CD on the EMI Classics label. I eagerly loaded 
> it into Kubuntu and it comes up in Konqueror with all kinds of autorun 
> Windowsy looking stuff. No actual music files that I can find.
> It says it's "Copy controlled" :(

this comes from the M$ data track.
The data track is not compatible with CDDA Standard.
This is not a pure CDDA standard CDDA. It's a hybride junk.

The CDDA standard compatible tracks are mostly placed behind 
the CD-Rom Data track, which is containing the DRMjunk.

Some of the Programs in the CD-Rom track may infect a silly
windoze system with Root-Kits, such as Sony did last years.
The Sony Root-Kit made unwanted changes to a running
windoze and destroyed some systems and mad such systems
proven insecure.

Best method to deal with all kind of "copy protected" faked CD-Audios
is not to buy and return them to your dealer as warnty claim, "it does not work".

In some contries is dealing around such a shameful copy protection 
strictly forbidden by industry bought laws. (like in germany, bana republic)

But if you try a simple CDDA Player Application on the disc, it should run
fine playing the pure CDDA tracks, ignoring the CD-Rom tracks.

Such applications are:

CDDA Device Control Application on
kscd - makes your CD-Drive act as CD-Player, but the Audio signal from the device shoud be connected
to your sound CD-In  device and the mixer (kmix) should open a audio channel...

Software CDDA Players are
amarok (much more than a CDDA Player!, IMHO Best Application for muci collectors and fans at all)
xine - does read the CDDA Track by software and plays it thru the sound device
vlc - does read the CDDA Track by software and plays it thru the sound device

and there are much more ... 

Bye Jojo

J├╝rgen Sauer
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