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Wed Feb 13 08:47:12 UTC 2008

To complete other's answers, the first lines you see are different choices
for *Ubuntu. Although you may find 'unclean' to have several versions there,
it is not so trivial to remove older versions, so I would suggest you leave
them there for now.

J. Michael explained perfectly which file to open (/boot/grub/menu.lst) and
how to open it ('sudo kate /boot/grub/menu.lst'). Now you need to find out
which number to put in front of the 'default' keyword, usually found at line
14 (initial value is normally 0).

Let's see:
- each of the kernel version takes two lines (normal + safe modes)
- memory check takes one line

So the result is (kernels * 2) + 2. I have one kernel version, so it is 4
for me. If you have 2 kernel versions, it's 6, and so on...

Hope this helps,

On Mon, Feb 11, 2008 at 6:08 PM, Paul Runner <prunner at> wrote:

>  I am new to Kubuntu and linux, I would like to know how to delete
> previous versions on the master boot record. Everytime I do an update it
> adds the new version and the older versions stay as a choice. Also other
> family members use the computer and I would like to make Wndows  XP the
> default startup OS or have a longer time before Kubuntu is automatically
> chosen.
> Thank You,
> Paul
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