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Wed Feb 13 00:47:11 UTC 2008

Apologies - I assumed you were more experienced for some reason. As Andrew 
says, the user interface in Gnu/Linux land is entirely optional and 
wide-ranging. You can choose from an array of different approaches. These 
things are known as 'window managers' (WM) - they manage 'windows' which is a 
generic (and pre-MS) word for the boxes that contain apps.

Just to reiterate: Gnu/Linux sits underneath whatever WM you like. You can 
have many all going simultaneously and switch between them!
 Ubuntu/Kubuntu/??buntu all represent a core of identical stuff with a 
different WM and a varying choice of applications pre-installed to give them 
a flavour/purpose. Any one can morph into the other by the installation of 
further software (and some fiddling) but it's better to aim at what you need 
in the first place.

Very advanced, fast (I find) and highly configurable.
Represented as "Kubuntu" in the Ubuntu distro family
Attractive, user-friendly. I can't say much about it cos I use KDE.
"Ubuntu" is this one.

Others have names like "Enlightenment" (E16 and E17 - E17 is 
wow), "Blackbox", "Fluxbox" and I forget the others. There are many.

To get you up and running on KDE, do this:
1. Connect to the net. I hope you got this going. If not, it's a whole 'nother 
2. From your terminal issue:
sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop
3. Prepare for a large download! Go make pancakes :)

That should start the process of downloading and installing KDE and all it 
requires. I am not 100% sure because I have never used the 'server' version 
of Ubuntu (indeed, I never knew there was a release sans a window manager.) 
so there may be added wrinkles. This is why I advised you start again with 
another ISO. Try this link:


Fonty Python and other dev news at:

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