Compiling on Kubuntu unstable.

Chris Jones jonesc at
Mon Feb 11 22:34:01 UTC 2008

  I linked c++ to cpp by hand.

That sounds wrong - It should not be necessary to link anything by hand. 
It should just be there, as long as you install the correct packages.

If you remove the link and try and run "c++" what do you get ? I think 
it should suggest you install the package "g++"

  But I get a wierd error message that I
> don't get on slackware 12, something about -c is not a valid parameter for 
> c++. 

That is because c++ and gcc are not the same...

> I suspect I am missing something in the compile tools, (which IMO ought to be 
> there automatically as they are in Slack. ) Can anyone suggest what i need to 
> download?

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