Eric ejazzkatt at
Mon Feb 11 17:59:09 UTC 2008

Mike Bullen wrote:
> I downloaded Ubuntu and it installed OK. My problem is I have not used 
> Linux before but is familar with UNIX. All I have right now is the 
> famous $ prompt. I want to get the graphical user interface such as 
> Kubuntu. I read that there are different packages to be installed to 
> acquire Kubuntu from an Ubuntu installation. What steps are needed to 
> get the Kubuntu up and running? How do I setup a connection to the internet?
> Thank you
> Mike Bullen

If you've installed Ubuntu and you don't have a grapical desktop, just 
the dollar prompt then you have another problem. Most likely your video 
card is not being recognized. If it was recognized, you would have the 
Ubuntu desktop.

Try issuing the command "startx" at the prompt. If you get an error 
message most likely the video card is not configured.

It's simple to configure but I can't remember how to do it. I'm sure 
someone here can help you.

Eric Jackson


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