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Mon Feb 11 17:20:03 UTC 2008

On Feb 11, 2008 7:07 PM, Mike Bullen <mikebullen at> wrote:
> I downloaded Ubuntu and it installed OK. My problem is I have not used Linux
> before but is familar with UNIX. All I have right now is the famous $
> prompt. I want to get the graphical user interface such as Kubuntu. I read
> that there are different packages to be installed to acquire Kubuntu from an
> Ubuntu installation. What steps are needed to get the Kubuntu up and
> running?
You need to install a package called kubuntu-desktop - this depends on
on all the required elements to get Kubuntu up and running. you will
then be able to start Kubuntu by choosing it from the menu at the
login splash.

How do I setup a connection to the internet?

How do you want to connect? Dhcp wired should be plug and play,
wireless instructions can be found here and should you need pppoe
you can find instructions here:

For more help in realtime you could also join us on IRC - #kubuntu on freenode

> Thank you
> Mike Bullen
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