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Bill Vance kbun at xpresso.seaslug.org
Mon Feb 11 09:15:35 UTC 2008

On Sun Feb 10 21:41:27 2008 advertising at ourbuntu.com wrote:

>After a polite email from Ubuntu/Canonical and some thought and
>discussions on forums, mailing list and petitions.
>I fully understand Ubuntu's position on the use of buntu in our domain
>name. It is one of there trademarks.
>So in order to compliment the Ubuntu family yet concede to
>Ubuntu/Canonical's wishes Ourbuntu will be changing its name to Buntfu.com
>Buntfu is a Siswati expression, a word that encompasses a lot of meanings.
>There is love in there, there is trust, and there are feelings. Buntfu is
>a word that describes being human – how you relate to your neighbour, how
>you relate to the person sitting next to you, how you feel for that
>love in there, there is trust, and there are feelings. Buntfu
>We felt this name should be everyones approach when setting up a computer
>running GNU/Linux and selling it here. And as a buyer if this idea is
>followed by a seller you should feel confident that you will be getting
>their very best work.
>So within the next week or so Ourbuntu will be transitioning into Buntfu.com

I thought Buntfu was what linux uses to klobber windoze.....:-)


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