Just wanted to thank everyone for feedback and support of the project.

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Mon Feb 11 05:41:27 UTC 2008

After a polite email from Ubuntu/Canonical and some thought and
discussions on forums, mailing list and petitions.
I fully understand Ubuntu's position on the use of buntu in our domain
name. It is one of there trademarks.

So in order to compliment the Ubuntu family yet concede to
Ubuntu/Canonical's wishes Ourbuntu will be changing its name to Buntfu.com

Buntfu is a Siswati expression, a word that encompasses a lot of meanings.
There is love in there, there is trust, and there are feelings. Buntfu is
a word that describes being human – how you relate to your neighbour, how
you relate to the person sitting next to you, how you feel for that
love in there, there is trust, and there are feelings. Buntfu

We felt this name should be everyones approach when setting up a computer
running GNU/Linux and selling it here. And as a buyer if this idea is
followed by a seller you should feel confident that you will be getting
their very best work.

So within the next week or so Ourbuntu will be transitioning into Buntfu.com


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