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This is a reply from Andrew Hunter, a Member of the Ubuntu Studio Team.

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> Subject: requesting software to be added to repositories
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> First of all, let me belatedly thank the people who responded to my three
> issues post.  I worked out a few things and will post what I've learned soon.
> Now, on to my current question.  First of all, if there are any writers on
> this list, I'd like to announce (if you don't already know about it) that
> I've finally found a serious screenwriting solution (with some excellent
> related features) for Linux.  It's called celtx and I've yet to try it, but
> I've read good things.  Now, as the subject line suggests, I'd like to
> request to the maintainers of the Kubuntu repositories that they add this
> software suite (yes, it's free).  How would I go about doing that?

First, you would check to see if a bug has already been filed (which it
already has) and if not  file it.

Then tag said bug report with needs-packaging. If you are going to
attempt to package it yourself, assign the bug to yourself.

The policy and procidure from here is documented in the wiki under the
MOTU page.

As for celtx as a package itself, a _lot_ of work would need to be done
to clean it up and package it. Due mainly IMO to the devs coming from a
non-*nix background, the source package is hell. The current upstream
set up is to have seperate binary built for each language it supports
(Don't believe me, have a look at the download section). There are other
problems that I wont list here.

The above it not to say that someone could not get a semi-funtional
package done up and in a PPA. Just don't expect to be able to get Celtx
in the repos in its current (upstream) state.
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