Remote desktop

Ranmadhu akamad+linux at
Fri Feb 8 04:22:13 UTC 2008

Andrew Jarrett wrote:
> If you want a solution to this you can look into setting
> up a free account with someone like  You will be able to
> choose a domain name (like [your choice] and your
> mother-in-law will have to download a client to keep her domain
> updated to her WAN IP.  Then you could just remember her domain name
> instead of bugging her for her IP whenever it changes.  I think that
> is a little overkill for the situation at hand, though.
> Andrew
David M.,
If you are going to set up, the following site provides a 
good guide to follow: . I had 
this running for a while, and can't remember having any issues with it. 
The site is for 7.04 but should work with 7.10.


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