how to get rid of the taskbar in kde4 ? (kicker)

Andrew Jarrett jarrett.andrew at
Thu Feb 7 02:19:51 UTC 2008

On Feb 6, 2008 4:31 PM, Mario Spinthiras <mspinthiras at> wrote:
> kicker you mean ? killall -9 kicker ?

KDE4 doesn't use kicker it uses plasma for the main panel.  From what
I can tell, you would have to kill plasma, which would kill the whole
desktop.  At this point in the game, I don't think KDE4 has the
options to implement the features the OP wants.  Maybe by 4.1 most
configuration options for the panels will be implemented. Anyway, I
thought that Avant Window Manager was an alternative to KDE and GNOME
and not something that could be run inside KDE.


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