Synaptic: option "Add downloaded packages" does not work.

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Wed Feb 6 22:41:44 UTC 2008

Hello everybody

After generating a script containing a list of 'downloaded packages' at 
the desktop PC, I try to install the same software packages on another 
PC with Kubuntu 7.10 via SYNAPTIC --> FILE >>> option "Add downloaded 
packages". After choosing this option, I do get to see the directory 
where I have copied the script file with the downloaded packages list 
from the other PC. However, I simply do not manage to open this list via 
that option. The file I need (and also other files) have been made 
nearly invisible in order to indicate that I can't access it - in spite 
of the fact that I run Synaptic only in the administrative mode. A 
friend who also works with Synaptic in Kubuntu 7.10, does not have this 
problem - however, he neither I have been able so far to discover which 
difference from the point of view of software settings does cause this 
problem in my case. Do you have any clue? I would highly appreciate your 

Respectfully Yours,


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