QT4 in Feisty

Girard Henri girardhenri at free.fr
Wed Feb 6 15:50:27 UTC 2008

download last xqt4 xx at trolltech
follow the instruction it might be long but quite easy to do
uncompress them and go in the directory qtxx..
then ./configure --prefix=/usr/share/qt4 (mostly on kubuntu system)
or something else (/usr/lib/qt4 )
when configure is made
type :  make
and then make install
depending on your processor and RAM for compiling
After when you compile myscribe don't forget to export QTDIR
export QTDIR=/where you put them
for my exemple export QTDIR=/usr/share/qt4
export PATH=/usr/share/qt4/bin:$PATH
should work
good luck :)

Donn a écrit :
>> If someone can give me some detailed instructions (of the "type this at
>> the command line" type) I'd be very grateful.
> It's not much of an answer - but could you not fetch the source and compile 
> them? Sometimes that's the only route.
> \d

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