QT4 in Feisty

Ollie Killingback ollie at techieinblack.info
Wed Feb 6 14:48:20 UTC 2008

I need to use MyScribe for a course I am on, and having downloaded it I 
now find it needs QT 4 libraries to run.  Another member of the course 
has successfully installed these in Gutsy, but I am still running Feisty 
for reasons connected with my wifi drivers. 

So I checked the ubuntu packages pages and they are not there, so I am 
rather unsure what to do.  I see libqt4 is not in the Adept packages.  
Can I install these with aptget?  Am I going to break anything if I do?

If someone can give me some detailed instructions (of the "type this at 
the command line" type) I'd be very grateful.

Ollie K

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