using amarok with multiple configurations?

D. R. Evans doc.evans at
Sun Feb 3 21:45:25 UTC 2008

Sam Fielder said the following at 02/03/2008 09:44 AM :
> does anyone know if it is possible to start amarok with different 
> profiles/configurations?
> my music is stored on my server at home. I am syncing a playlist to a SD 
> card on my laptop so i can listen while I am away.  Every time I come 
> home after listening to the music on the SD card the database is blank. 
> (no history etc.)
> can i start amarok with different configs via the command line?
> also is it possible to combine statistics from the SD card into the main 
> database

You probably should ask these questions on the amarok forum.


1. There is no mention of anything like this on the amarok man page,
although I'm not at all clear on what you mean by "configuration".

2. I think that the answer is "not without some tricky database
programming". (Basically because amarok regards a track as being different
if it's on different devices.)


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