How do I change the default configuration of MPlayer movie player?

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Tue Dec 30 00:26:15 GMT 2008

> > > Probably the command is "mplayer %u" or something similar. Change it
> > > to "mplayer -fs %u", i.e. write "-fs" after "mplayer". Then Mplayer
> > > will always start in full screen mode.

Before I found the aspect ratio feature in MPlayer, I preferred Kaffeine.  I 
did not know to ask the question about aspect ratio with Kaffeine, so I just 
decided to use MPlayer.  I preferred the 16:9 ratio to the benefits I 
preferred in Kaffeine.

Your suggestions have caused the behavior to change MPlayer, but the comment 
of F7 motivated me to try that while Kaffeine was open to see if it would 
work there.  It does, and I have begun to use Kaffeine now.  Strangely enough 
I did something in MPlayer anyway that caused it to not open anymore.  I 
suppose I should work the problem even though I now prefer Kaffeine again.

>With that option the command would be "mplayer -monitoraspect 16:9 %u". But 
>it doesn't change anything with the movie I have tried. Anyway, did you try 
>if "-fs" gives a usable result?

Some  time has passed since I made the last entry, and I am not sure I 
remember what I did that screwed the MPlayer configuration up.  I believe I 
may have entered 'mplayer -monitoraspect 16:9 %u'.  In any event, when I 
attempt to open a movie file in MPlayer, a box opens with the following:  
Service '/home/steven/.local/share/applications/mplayer.desktop' is 

It was at this point that I retried Kaffeine; when I pressed F7, I got the 
configuration I wanted plus the benefits I had missed when I stopped using 
Kaffeine in favor of MPlayer.

I would like to restore MPlayer to a functioning player even though Kaffeine 
has my preference once more.  Any Ideas?


> Nils

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