Solving Sound problems on my Ubuntu Studio setup / Edmund

Ash ash8kewl at
Mon Dec 29 17:11:01 UTC 2008

Hi Edmund,

Here is my stepguide towards solving Sound playback problems on my Ubuntu
Studio setup.

Step 1:  System --> Preferences --> Sound

Step 2:  Tested all the Device options for various categories.

** The right selection produced a tone during test whereas the wrong ones
produced some crackling sounds** eg. HDA Intel ALC268 Analog (OSS) was able
to produce the tone during the tests.

Step 3: Close

This immediately took care of my needs to listen to music stored as ogg.
files on my system. I am currently using Amarok for Music playback.

Step 4: System Tools --> System Settings --> Sound

Step 5: Selected the earlier device to be on the top of the list for all
types of  Audio Output --> Apply

For DVD and other Video Playback I downloaded VLC Player.

I haven't figured  a way to get music and videos to play online like on or

Hopefully I will have this sorted out soon.

Thank you.

- Ash

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