re re-partition Kubuntu 3-partitions on 40gb

Nils Kassube kassube at
Wed Dec 24 21:17:37 UTC 2008

Ray Burke wrote:
> I don't quite understand, you mean just connect singularly my 40gb
> Kubuntu and reboot with a Ubuntu live cd, and when its loaded as trial
> then go to a terminal window and type sudo swapoff -ato turn off, then
> what??????????

Reboot with the Ubuntu LiveCD. Open a terminal and type "sudo swapoff -a". 
Start gparted either from the menu or with the command "gksu gparted" at 
the terminal.

Sorry, I don't have a spare disk to play with, so the following 
description is from memory. Select the disk you want to modify (if there 
are several disks in your machine). Then you can click on the bars which 
depict the individual partitons and move the margin of the bar with the 
mouse or enter new numbers for the space of the partition and the free 
space before / after the partition. Finally apply the changes by clicking 
on the appropriate button or select apply from one of the menues.


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