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Wed Dec 24 09:45:18 UTC 2008

On Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 8:56 AM, Nils Kassube <kassube at> wrote:
> Ray Burke wrote:
>> I run Kubuntu on a 40gb with three partitions 8gb sdb1/1gb swap area
>> /38gb sbd3 /home! but my sdb1 is always 100% full, and I want to
>> partition it to 20gb sdb1
>> 1 gb swap
>> 19gb sdb3 /home
>> therefore reduce the 38gb sdb3 back to 19gb
>>                  and the   8gb sdb1 up to    20gb
>>                  leaving the swap area as 1gb.
>> does anyone no of app or program that is able to do this without
>> destroying any of the data???
>> as I have it connected to a dual boot 80gb xp pro/Kubuntu 40gb,
>> as I dont want to re-install Kubuntu and loose any data?????????
> It can be done with gparted. It might be possible with qtparted as well,
> but I prefer gparted. However I would suggest you make backups anyway
> before you change the partitioning of a disk. You can't use the running
> system to do what you want, so you should use e.g. the Ubuntu LiveCD
> which has gparted included. After you have started the LiveCD turn off
> swap with the command
> sudo swapoff -a
> in a terminal because your swap area is used by the LiveCD automatically.
> And be prepared to wait a long time until the resizing is finished.
> Nils

If you don't have the live CD, I would recommend partedmagic. Has does
what you want but is a much smaller download. It is still using

If you have a desktop system, then you might want to get rid of the
swap. My system does not use it but that is related to how much RAM
you have and what aps you use. You also should set the swappiness to
something like 0, not the standard 60 that is good for servers.

Conky is good for watching memory and has a very light memory foot
print but the setting it up takes some reading. Or you could just use
some other thing to watch the swap as you do your daily stuff: maybe

Douglas E Knapp

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