Kmenu and KDE4

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Dec 22 17:40:40 UTC 2008

John L Fjellstad wrote:

> Derek Broughton <news at> writes:
>> They are, but that doesn't alter the fact that if large numbers of
>> users
>> are screaming, something is very wrong.  Sort of sounds like putting
>> KDE4 into Kubuntu 8.10...
> A large number of users were complaining about the kcontrol.  Now that
> KDE4 changed to a kubuntu-like control panel, you still hear
> complaints about the new control panel.

I've been on this list as long as there's _been_ a list, and honestly, I 
don't believe a large number ever complained about kcontrol.  There 
have, though been many complaints that things they _had_ in kcontrol 
weren't showing in the newer "System Settings" (which in hindsight were 
mostly not real problems, but the interface changed enough to confuse 
people - without any help being offered).

> People complained about konqueror (jack of trades, master of none). 
> KDE pulled out the file management part, and now people are
> complaining about that.

Different people - and they have a hell of a point.  If dolphin could 
actually do more file management than konqueror did, it wouldn't be a 
problem.  If the dolphin kpart actually properly integrated into 
konqueror, it wouldn't be a problem.  Explain to me why I can split the 
konqueror view pane, and open Dolphin in both sides, but I can't split 
the view pane _from_ the Dolphin kpart?  That's just sloppy.

> One thing is certain: There will always be people complaining about
> everything you do or don't do.

Another thing is certain - if you ignore the people who are complaining, 
the things they're complaining about won't go away.

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