Kmenu and KDE4

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Dec 22 01:19:47 GMT 2008

Jonathan Jesse wrote:

>> I still think that KDE4 might be ready for Kubuntu by the time a new
>> stable release is due out.
> I am confused as to what you mean by a stable release?  Are you
> confusing
> the terms Long Term Support (LTS) with stable?  8.10 and 8.04 were not
> expected to be LTS'd for Kubuntu.  Don't know what the discussion for
> the next LTS is or what version # that would be.

I really wish people would stop talking about non-LTS releases as if 
they were testing platforms.  That was NEVER Ubuntu's plan.  All 
releases are supposed to be _stable_, and the reason we jumped on the 
bandwagon instead of sticking to Debian was that we were sick of the 
time between stable releases. The next LTS for Kubuntu should be in 
2010, but there should be two more _stable_ releases next year.  It 
would be kind of nice if they were...

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