Kmenu and KDE4

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Dec 22 01:07:38 GMT 2008

Clay Weber wrote:

> On Sat December 20 2008 9:34:27 am Billie Walsh wrote:
>> It's very obvious that the devs don't pay attention to any user
>> lists. They should. If they had they wouldn't have been so quick to
>> choose SUSE's Kickoff. There was a major flap when SUSE released it
>> on the SUSE users lists. The majority of SUSE users don't use it and
>> hate it.
> yes, from what I hear from discussions with various devs, they do not
> usually follow <foo>-user lists, as they are generally supposed to be
> for user-to-user support..
What a pathetic argument - since when were developers not users?  
Developers not following a user list because they just don't have the 
time is understandable.  Not following them because they're not relevant 
is shocking, if true.

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