[Bulk] ssh and vnc

Joel Oliver joelol75 at verizon.net
Mon Dec 22 01:44:24 UTC 2008

Joel Oliver wrote:
> Have you tried NoMachine's NX?  They have  a free linux edition.  You 
> need to install the client, node, and server on the machine you want to 
> control, and just the client on the other.  Works awesome and there's no 
> lag like in VNC.   I've tried tightvnc vnc4, X over ssh (painfully 
> slow), and now NX and NX is defiantly the fastest!
> Just and idea.
> Joel.
> BTW, the FreeNX in the repos is not as good (or as fast/feature full) 
> but it's true GPL open source software as NoMachine's NX is not... and 
> you'll have to goto their website to download the 3 .debs in the x86/x64 
> flavour you need. This link takes you right to the d/l page for linux.
> http://www.nomachine.com/select-package.php?os=linux&id=1
BTW, you need to have SSH set up for NX to work, as it logs in using it.

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