Kmenu and KDE4

Knapp magick.crow at
Sat Dec 20 23:27:04 GMT 2008

> Where/how do non-contributing users properly and sanely voice their concerns
> where the developers can easily see them?
> --
> Clay Weber

IMOHO, a person that voices their concerns IS a contributing user/dev.
I do open dev work and I do it because I like to write. But, it is
very nice to have others like what you write. I feel that all projects
should do research to learn what is needed/wanted by the users. It is
sad that more of this is not done and USED. A great place to start
this research is a list like this plus a few serverys of users. I
think the real problem is that programmers are not into this sort of
work and there are not enough people that are to go around. Maybe this
sort of work is not as fun as programming, especially if the
programmers don't respect and use it.
Douglas E Knapp

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